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We started video productions since 2018, creating inspiring works for corporates. From international brands to charitable organization, we never compromise and produce the best piece within your budget. We innovate new ideas to visualize your message, and produce stunning visuals that stays in people's mind.

Productions asides, we are also keen on teaching the enthusiasts on film. We do workshops for schools and social service associations.

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Virginie Ostrowski 

Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong, 
Communications and Marketing Lead

Heidy was very responsive, open to dialogue, and paid great attention to our expectations at all times during our collaboration. She asked relevant questions during the briefing. On the event day, while covering a walking tour, she demonstrated her ability to capture key moments, always staying ahead of the group and anticipating key shots. During production, she was able to edit her stunning raw footage within a very tight timeframe, telling the whole story in a captivating one-minute video. All with a broad smile, which is even better. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Heidi for an event video.
Partial Client list 
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